Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Change of Work Place Again!

I am moving workplaces again :)

Last Friday I received a letter calling me to a briefing for Form Six Academic Teacher placements.  My whole day perked up.  Would I finally be able to go back to school?  The word 'promotion' was also in the title so that made things a bit more shiny and bright and sparkling.  At this point, I am tempted to use the synonyms 'dazzling', 'gleaming', 'radiant', 'resplendent' and  'CORUSCATING' but that may be overkill.

Anyway I went for the briefing last Monday and HOORAY I'M POSTED BACK TO SCHOOL!

The strange thing was that after nearly three years at the PPD, I finally accepted my fate.  In December, I began planning for 2012.  I had BIG plans.  BIG programs.  All of a sudden, I have to abandon all those plans.  It's so ironic that the moment I stop hoping for something, it happens.  But perhaps there is a lesson for me to learn here :)


hobbit1964 said...

I am so glad for you Roslyn. Away from admin and back to being operational ya!!? I can feel for you, because the catalyst to my own exit from the air force was when they placed me behind a desk for the second time in my flying career. I want ops, and now, I am in a place where it's flying and flying and more flying.

I hope indeed that this is a grand year for you.

And it is nice to read you again. You've been away very long :P

Roslyn Tunggolou said...

Hello hobbit1964,

Sometimes one needs to try the admin world to figure out what one really likes :)

And yes my blog has been quite neglected. Perhaps it will see more activity this year..hooray!

hobbit1964 said...

A return to the dynamism of operational work will provide the fodder ma'am.

Rahmah said...

roslynn..there are more opportunities in school nowadays. why not apply for gc..check if form 6 teachers can!