Monday, August 01, 2011

Malaysian Immigration Black List

Last year, I heard about the case of a lady who was stopped at KLIA and not allowed to board a plane for Europe.  Despite having a valid passport and visas galore, she was not allowed to leave Malaysia because she was on the Immigration blacklist for not paying a student loan!

I'd never heard of such a case before.  Well, maybe people don't talk about it... not exactly something you'd want others to know, right?  I thought Immigration blacklists were only for terrorists and bombmakers.  Obviously I don't travel much out of Malaysia.. heh heh.

I wondered if I were on this black list... coming from Sabah with rampant identity theft, it's a legitimate concern!  So I went to the Immigration Dept (Counter 16) to ask.  Lucky for me, I am 'safe'!

But just to make sure, I checked online as well at  Yep, I'm still 'safe'.  I also checked at the PTPTN website  Yep, nobody stole my identity to get a loan.

I wonder if this blacklist gives the reasons for listing anyone.  Blacklist sounds so fascinating, you know... I sound like I don't have any work to do.. in actual fact, I'm under extreme stress.  More stress, more blog posts!

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