Thursday, October 22, 2009

Attending Seminars : Postlude

Today was the last day of the seminar (refer to previous post). 

More gems of wisdom :)

I learned about using mnemonic devices to enhance teaching & learning of literature.  Jane Deslorena Jaikol shared her experiences in teaching students of average proficiency and helping them to remember details of the story Robinson Crusoe.  I know how frustrating it can be when after all your backbreaking efforts, you have a young student who writes in his exam paper that in the Pearl, Coyote was shot in the head by Mokgobja who wanted rain for his lotus which he needed to eat.

Dr Norherani Moning talked about wikispaces and how they helped scaffold the teaching of academic writing. 

Eric C talked about using efficiency (E-factors) and appropriacy (A-factors) to help in the selection of reading materials for students.  I didn't ask HIM any questions as I was one of his interviewees :)

During the pleno session, the panel brought up points such as :
- the excellent quality of the papers presented
- how interesting it was to see two clear categories of presenters ; the veterans who were at home standing in front of a learned audience and those new to the 'game', some of who were clearly nervous and yet passionate about their subjects
- clear evidence of a passion for the teaching profession
- sympathy/empathy in the efforts to improve the quality of education in the schools
- a good showing of teachers as researchers, which augurs well for the future
- creative and excellent examples of presentations, especially in the use of graphics and the sharing of experiences via stories, which in turn encouraged members of the audience to share their own experiences
- innovation in the papers presented

There were 30 papers presented in all and in all the parallel sessions I attended, not once did I feel sleepy.  Not a single yawn..:)  What a pity it had to end...

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