Sunday, March 15, 2009

English Teacher Debate Time!

It's time once again for the English Teacher Debates...and the state level topics are in!

Feeling awfully chipper about it because for the first time, I didn't have to bribe cajole beg anyone to take part! There are actually several teams of debaters who are bound and determined to annihilate each other...oh, what rapture!

Sounds pitiful, right? Yeah, I know :) but I don't blame them for not wanting to put themselves on a stage and ask for potshots. Or in debate lingo, POIs (points of information).

Imagine delivering your carefully considered ideas and thoughts about an issue to a hall full of people and suddenly, someone says,"POI! I disagree with this and this because you have deliberately ignored that and that!" In the movies, you would turn to the miscreant and decisively strike him down with your lightning bolts of truth. In most circumstances, a cold chill goes down your spine because you have no idea how to answer in a way that doesn't make you look stupid. And if your stars are not aligned right, you tend to squeak out a lame reply and rush right back into your speech..which by the way, you've forgotten quite where you stopped. But it doesn't matter anyhow because nobody knows how your speech was supposed to go. Except for your coach. Who probably might want to slide down in between the seats and quietly dissolve into a puddle of dismayed ectoplasm.

Heh heh heh.... I was just joking. Doesn't really happen that way...nope, no, no way.


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