Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Conundrum of Friends

This weekend, I thought about friends.

I've had a few and of all sorts.  Some were like dandelion fluff, spinning away into the sky when the wind blows.  Some were part of the background, always there but when the scenery changed, they changed too.  Some carried 'daggers' with poison tips.  And of course some were gems.

But as usual, life's not so clearcut black and white.  I cannot point a finger at anyone and say,"I regret being a friend to that one." 
For all my friends brought something to my life.

G gave me lots of academic discourses and sharp witty remarks mixed in with laughter n common sense.
C taught me how to handle extremes in life and showed ME I had extremes in me.
Q played with me in the sun and after stocking up on fun n games, Q dashed cold water in my face. Brr..then I dried off and had some more fun.
R went through school with me and we shared plenty of dreams, pain and nescafe.
T took me aside when my heart was full of rain and showed me how to look for the sunshine.
H stood by me in my rollicking campus days and just went "Tsk." when I rollicked a bit too much. 
Sometimes 'tsk' became 'are you dumb or what?'
Y walked around me with a dagger in hand and taught me that some people just didn't like to see others happy.

* And no, I didn't use the first letters of their names so don't bother matching names! :)*

But I wouldn't be me without all of these people...and there were so many more I didn't mention.
This weekend sure was a reflective one.


syeds said...

Sometime these type of situations may came across, we shouldn't blame others for silly things.


Roslyn said...

I agree with you...we should never blame others. It would only be a waste of our time.