Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Seeing Home Through An Orang Putih's Eyes

When I first set up this blog, I searched for other blogs using the terms 'Sabah' and 'tropics'.

I found Glenda Larke a.k.a. Glenda Noramly's blog and found it so interesting that I bookmarked her blog and visited it half as many times as I checked my mail.  Which is plenty!

What i found interesting was how she talked about Sabah, Borneo.. Malaysia too.  It was fascinating to read about my homeland and 'see' what she saw through her Aussie eyes.  Granted she's been in Malaysia for ages but she still had lots to say about this land I call home.

I remembered a long time ago as I was poring over storybooks and found one author's description of a tropical wonderland so marvelous that I wished I could be there.  A split second later, I realised I WAS there! 
The author talked of palms waving in the breeze - I saw hundreds of them on my way to school everyday. 
The author talked of juicy pineapples - during pineapple season, we'd eat pineapples till my tongue itched unbearably. 
The author talked of glorious hibiscus and magnificent bougainvillea - I'd crush the hibiscus flowers (red, white and pink ones!) if I sat down on the grass back home and my mum would graft endless buds of bougainvillea onto each other so she could look at a plant with multicoloured blooms...and I'd think ohno! more blooms to sweep off the verandah.

I actually felt my world move.  Imperceptibly...but surely.

Now I've found someone whose blog reveals parts of Sabah that I don't know.  And the way she talks about Sabah is as if she's talking about a foreign land.  For her, maybe.  But it shouldn't be, for me.


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