Friday, June 02, 2006

Dylan's First Day In School

Today I sent Dylan to school... they call it Nursery but this nursery comes complete with classrooms, bumper cars, playgrounds and toys galore!  He will get to play with friends, do arts and crafts, listen to stories, sing and climb stuff...

I was worried that he might cling to me.. but no, not Dylan.  The minute he saw the colourful murals on the buildings, he dashed from the carpark right into the school area.  Went from mural to playground to another mural... and one of the murals was 3D.. cars popping out of the walls!  Good ol' Dylan didn't waste any time... and Mummy was left chasing after him.  And of course his minders' first question was "How old IS he?"  He only turns three end of June but he already looks a strapping five.  This is one boy who's not going to waste time crying after Mummy... too many new experiences to chase.

Good for him.

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